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15 Traits of Unabashedly Successful Women

15 Traits of Unabashedly Successful Women Article by Edie hheEvery week for the past year,Ive interviewed a successful woman scientists, athletes, a rabbi, activists, an astronaut, authors, and entrepreneurs. Each woman has a story each one is different. But perhaps unsurprisingly, there are traits and characteristics that they have in common. Its fascinating to learn from them, and now I get to share those lessons with you.Here are 15 things the 49 successful women Ive interviewed have in common1. They Play to Their StrengthsThis is not necessarily the same as doing what you love. You might love doing mosaics, but you might not choose that for your career. Think about what you can do so well that you can dominate your field with time. You should also love it. But successful women often choose their career paths by thinking first about what theyre good at and second about what they love to do.2. They Have AmbitionSuccessful women do not dream about be ing the best in their section or department. Their eyes are set on the best in the state or country, at least. fruchtwein want to change the world.3. They Stay PositiveSuccessful women know how to absprache with disappointment in a way that keeps them from getting down and staying down. They know the future will be bright for them.4. Theyre OrganizedThe vast majority of people I interviewed said yes quickly, checked their calendars, booked a date, and did the interview. No extra emails. Not many reschedules. They decide what they want to do and then they just do it simple and organized.5. Theyre Constantly LearningThese women do not stay static. They are continually improving themselves and use mentors and coaches to accelerate their improvement.6. They Have a Strong Support SystemMost of the women I spoke to have a partner or family member who is supportive of what they do. They know they have somebody to lean on when needed.7. They Know Failure and Success Go TogetherEveryone has their failures on their way to the top. Thats just how it is.8. They Remain GratefulThese women give credit to those whove helped them along the way. They are grateful for what they have. They dont take their current position for granted.9. They Work Hard and PersistentlyNobody got to where they are now without working hard and staying persistent during the tough times. This might be obvious, but its a lot easier to say than to do.10. They Dont Sweat the Small StuffSuccessful people are good at separating the valuable from the worthless.11. They Choose Their Battles WiselySuccessful women dont make a big deal about every little thing. But if theres a real problem, you can be sure that it will be swiftly solved.12. They Do What They Believe InThis is crucial. The belief in the purpose of their work is the fuel behind years of hard work and dedication.13. They Have ConfidenceSuccessful women believe in themselves. Its a beautiful thing.14. They Have a Vision for the FutureSuccessful women see a new and better world in the future, and they work toward achieving those changes. They are in it for the long haul.15. They Feel Successful, but Never DoneTheres always more, always better, always further to reach. These women are seemingly tireless, ultimately devoted, and constantly curious.The moral of this story for me, when listening and learning from these women over this past year, is that they are just like you and me. They were not born with silver spoons in their mouths. True, theyre intelligent and focused, but they dont have superpowers they have determination, vision, and purpose.We can be that We can do thatA version of this article originally appeared on Berg is the founder of The Strong Womens Club, highlighting the behind-the-scenes stories of successful women with a weekly podcast she gets into the details of how you can set and reach your goals to achieve success. Edie is also the facilitator of Strong Womens Mastermind groups and Stro ng Womens corporate and group workshops, and she produces Strong Womens Online Summits. She has been the head of rehabilitation departments owner, chef, and instructor at food workshops and executive administrative manager of a global bank.Edie believes that it is never too late to do what you love, that you can reach your goals and choose your dreams to live life without regret. She has lived in California, Australia, Canada, Boston, and is currently enjoying life CrossFitting, with her blended family of her four kids and his two kids in Israel.

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When distraction is a good thing

When distraction is a good thingWhen distraction is a good thingIs distraction a curse or a blessing? Not giving full attention to what we should be doing makes us miss deadlines, fail classes, and crash into otzu sich drivers. Distraction certainly has a price. Nonetheless, we love ur distractions Social media, spectator sports, movies, books, TV shows, the news, video games - what would we do without them?Clearly, there are benefits to distractions as evidenced by the fact that nearly everyone on earth seeks them out. But why? Although they seem to pull us away from more important things, what purpose do they serve? And, when at times we seem to give in to distractions, how do we ensure they serve us well?Distractions can ease painOur brains have alimited ability to focus. We cant pay attention to everything around us all at once so we must choose what to focus on. For example, we may choose to focus on work while struggling to resist more interesting distractions.However, in some situations, we can leverage this biological limitation to ur advantage. In her book,SuperBetter The Power of Living Gamefully, Dr. Jane McGonigal, describes how distractions can be a powerful tool for reducing the impact of painful or negative experiences.For example, children are notoriously anxious before surgery. Their levels of preoperative anxiety are known to reduce the effectiveness of anesthesia and increase recovery times. Physicians need alternatives to sedative medications to keep them calm. A study, cited by McGonigal, used distractions to effectively reduce their stress.In the study, one group of children was given anti-anxiety medication before surgery, another group played handheld video games, while a third control group was given no medication and no video games before surgery. The kids in the video game group were the only ones to show a decrease in anxiety before surgery. They also required less anesthesia during the procedure and suffered from fewer medication s ide effects after surgery than children in the other two groups.The video games proved effective, researchers believe, because they distracted the children from the pain and uncertainty of the surgery. The engaging nature of the video game helped children direct their attention away from their fear and towards the challenge of the game.This study isnt alone in demonstrating the power of distractions to lessen negative experiences. Burn patients are typically given large doses of medications to help them through the excruciating pain of cleaning their wounds. A new virtual reality game designed by scientists at the University of Washington Seattle demonstrated the extraordinary power of distractions in fighting pain. The researchersfoundthat patients who played the game during wound cleaningfelt up to 50 percent less pain. In fact, playing the virtual reality game was more effective at reducing pain than using medication. The researchers concluded that the more immersive and engaging the game was, the more it helped direct attention away from the pain of the procedure.Distractions can make us betterThe ability to shift our attention away from negative experiences is also helpful outside of a hospital setting. Distractions can help us cope with the pains of everyday life. Research on how distractions can be used to control our urges and impulses show that certain games, like Tetris for example, can help reduce cravings forfatty foodsand even addictivedrugs. Researchers suspect the cognitive demands of behauptung games redirect our attention away from craving triggers, reducing the painful urge to indulge. Playing matching puzzle games like Candy Crush, Puzzle Blocks, or Interlockedmight actually help us distract ourselves away from digging into that pint of ice cream in the fridge.Distractions can also help us stay fit. Researchsuggeststaking our minds off the pain of physical exercise, with music or television, can improve performance and endurance.Digital dist ractions and personal technology can help us be stronger in the moment, but McGonigal thinks they can also help us develop our ability to take on challenges in the future. Certain personal technologies can help us build up our courage, McGonigal says, and games are a particularly good way to boost our self-efficacy - our confidence in our ability to overcome problems.Evidence to back McGonigals claim comes from a notableexperimentabout how a video game helped adolescent krebs patients fight their disease, literally. The study tested whether playing a cancer-themed video game called Re-mission would help patients stick to their treatment plan and take their medication regularly. In this example, the game didnt fight pain directly but built up patients capabilities. Patients who played the game were more likely to take their medications, increase their sense of self-efficacy, and show more knowledge regarding how to fight their cancer.From McGonigals standpoint, digital games are pow erful tools to build strength and confidence because constantly escalating challenge requires a willingness from patients to keep trying, even when they fail. It instills a belief that if they keep practicing and learning, if they put in the hard work, they will eventually be able to achieve more difficult goals. By attempting and overcoming challenges within a game, the cancer patients strengthened their perseverance to keep fighting.Other digital games have been used to help patients withasthma,diabetes,anxiety, andADHD all showing increases in self-efficacy and self-care behavior after playing. More evidence that games can heal is emerging from new digital health platforms which use game-based elements to increase patient participation.For example, taking prescribed medications and adopting a healthy lifestyle can greatly improve patient outcomes but only if people actually change their behavior. TheEmpower digital health platformhelps patients manage their chronic diseases throu gh playful design elements traditionally used in games, like levels, point systems, unlocking content, variable rewards, and competition. Combining the engaging nature of games with the accessibility of personal technology creates a healthy distraction that can build patient confidence to combat disease.When are distractions destructive?Clearly, distractions can help us deal with pain and build our courage to tackle future challenges. However, dont distractions pull us away from our priorities? What about the many products and services, like video games and social media sites, designed to be so good we want to use them all the time? Sometimes we have trouble limiting their use and find ourselves sucked into distractions.Whether personal technology distractions are a force for good, McGonigal explains, depends onwhy and howwe use them. Do you play to escape your real life, or do you play to make your real life better?McGonigal describes two modes for how we engage with distracting ac tivities self-suppression and self-expansion.Self-suppression is using distractions to avoid negative experiences while self-expansion is using distractions to promote positive ones. Sounds simple enough, but McGonigal warns that at times, it is hard to tell the difference between the two. The same activity could be expansive for one person and suppressive for another. It all depends onwhythe person is engaging in the distraction and for how long.How can you tell if a distraction is good or bad for you? McGonigal suggests first asking yourself, Why am I doing this? If your response is to avoid a negative feeling such as Because work is boring, or I dont want to deal with anything right now, the distraction may be self-suppressive.Of course in some instances, such as burn victims or children about to go into surgery, distractions can be an effective coping strategy. However, these are justified in that the distractions are used as a temporary solution. Once the patient is healed phys ically, they no longer require the escape from pain.However, problems can arise when distractions become a permanent escape from an uncomfortable reality. McGonigal warns of solutions that dont build our ability to deal with pain in the future. Temporary distractions used for too long may backfire because over time self-suppression actually diminishes our sense of self-efficacy We no longer see ourselves as people who can effectively solve our own problems. When we rely on pain-relieving distractions, be it personal technology, drugs, or other escapes, we may never build our capacity to deal with a painful situation, either physical or psychological.In contrast, self-expansive distractions involve achieving goals, building skills, or attaining new knowledge that can be used over the long-term. These distractions help us improve ourselves and can build self-efficacy.For example, answers to the question Why am I doing this? that sound like, I want to learn a new language, I want to b uild a bigger career network, I want to know more about my health, or I want to improve my well-being, are the kind of answers that a self-expansive technology can help with. Using distractions with an expansive mindset builds strength, while using them with a suppressive one simply shields us from the pain we are avoiding.Identifyingwhy and howyou engage with personal technology may be the difference between healthy and destructive behavior. Take a look at your favorite digital distractions - social media, video games, puzzles, television shows, podcasts, news, and spectator sports - and ask yourself whether you are using them as tools to build strength, skills, knowledge, and self-efficacy for the future or for a temporary escape from an uncomfortable reality. If its the latter, you may want to reconsider the role these distractions play in your life. If the pain youre escaping is permanent, no distraction will ever heal it. You must either learn new coping strategies or fundame ntally fix what is broken.When we think about personal technology distractions, we must ensure they continue to serve us. Whether it is helping us get through a difficult time in our lives, or helping us build strength and perseverance for the long-term, continually asking why am I doing this? can help make sure were getting the fruchtwein out of our distractions.Heres the gistDistractions arent always bad, sometimes they are useful tools.Personal technology distractions like video games and puzzles can give us the strength to endure negative experiences.Some distractions can strengthen our ability to tackle new challenges.Personal technology is a healthy distraction for most people, but it can go bad when it becomes an escape from an uncomfortable reality. It all depends onwhy and how longwe use it.Using distractions for self-expansion builds strength, while using them for self-suppression simply shields us from the pain were avoiding.To determine if a distraction is self-expansive or self-suppressing, get to the bottom of why you are really using it.Self-suppression is acceptable for coping with negative experiences in the short term, but can backfire when used as a long-term solution.This column, co-authored by Nir Eyal - the author ofHooked How to Build Habit-Forming Products- and Chelsea Robertson, first appeared at Nir and Far, where Eyal blogs aboutthe psychology of products. For more insights on using psychology to change customer behavior, join his free newsletter and receive a free workbook

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8 Animal Nutrition Internships

8 Animal Nutrition Internships8 Animal Nutrition InternshipsThere are many internship options available for those seeking to gain experience in the field of animal nutrition. Whatever your particular interests are, one of the following opportunities should appeal to you. The Animal Nutrition Center at Disneys Animal Kingdom theme park offers animal nutrition internships that allow students to prepare diets for a variety of exotic species. They can also assist with research involving nutrient analysis, utilize specialized laboratory equipment, and log data related to the animals in into the centers collection. To qualify for an internship, applicants must be college juniors, seniors, or recent graduates from an animal science-related program. Candidates must also have completed at least one semester of a nutrition course. Direct contact with animals is not a part of this internship experience. Alltech, a leading animal health, and nutrition company, offers a variety of internships in the areas of marketing and research. The research internship program is offered at Alltechs Center for Animal Nutrigenomics in Kentucky. A wide variety of research options are available and can be tailored to the students specific interests in the field. Candidates must have completed two years of college and have at least a 3.0 grade point average. Kentucky Equine Research offers both summer internships and year-long internships at their fully-equipped research facility in Versailles, Kentucky. KER publishes a variety of research studies relating to nutrition and exercise physiology. The summer internship program runs from May to achter monat des jahres and accepts students that have completed at least two years of an animal science-related program. The year-long internship program can be extended to 18 months if the candidates schedule allows for it. The National Zoological Park, a part of the Smithsonian Institution, offers animal nutrition internships to students in Washington D.C. Undergraduate applicants must have completed at least two years of study in an area related to animal science or nutrition. While one recent internship opportunity focused on studying the nutritional needs of desert tortoises, opportunities vary from one season to the next and another internship in clinical nutrition focused on the nutrient analysis of feeds and forages. This position carried a stipend of $300 per week (or $3600 for the 12-week session). Nestle Purina, a leading pet food manufacturer, offers a variety of student internships in areas such as sales, marketing, product management, supply chain management, and business management. The Sales Internship Veterinary Channel is just one of several opportunities. This internship provides extensive nutritional training regarding Purina products as well as hands-on experience via field calls with a mentor. This 10-week summer program is a paid opportunity, with mileage reimbursement and housing assistance provided. Junio r and senior students can apply and do not need to have a specific major. ADM Alliance Nutrition (located in Illinois) offers several nutrition-related internship opportunities including options such as show feed sales, field sales, plant management, and research/livestock specialist. Candidates must be at least juniors in college and have a minimum 2.8 grade point average. The Monterey bayrumbaum Aquarium (located in California) offers an animal food technician internship program that allows students to prepare fresh, frozen, and live dietary rations for the aquariums collection. In addition to basic food preparation duties, students can assist with feedings, maintaining USDA sanitary standards, and other staff duties. The Audubon Nature Institute (located in Louisiana) offers a zoo commissary internship. This internship requires at least a 12-week commitment, with interns required to work at least four mornings a week. Interns are allowed to prepare diets, manage product inventory , provide quality control, and learn about the nutritional requirements of a variety of exotic species. It is important to remember that many internship opportunities are not be advertised so its wise to check with your local college, agricultural extension agent, zoo, and animal nutrition manufacturers to see what internship programs are available in your area. Additional animal nutrition-related internship possibilities can be found through an online keyword search or by viewing some of the other animal-related internship pages on this site includingwildlife rehabilitation internships, animal behavior internships, zoo internships, avian internships, equine internships, or pre-veterinary internships.

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5 Things Not to Do When Youre Starting a Legal Support Job

5 Things Not to Do When Youre Starting a Legal Support Job5 Things Not to Do When Youre Starting a Legal Support JobYou studied hard, you worked hard, your resume looked sharp, you handled the interview well, and it all paid off You got hired. Now, as you look forward to your first day on the job as a legal support professional, a world of opportunities lies ahead of you. Just be sure to avoid the pitfalls that have tripped up new employees in the past.Legal assistant jobs and legal secretary jobs are rarely defined by whats achieved those first several days. But mistakes made when youre abfluging out can have a lasting effect on your reputation. Steer clear of these five pitfalls when youre a newbie1. Dont overshoot on your first day.Everybody wants to make a good impression when they start new legal assistant jobs and legal secretary jobs. You want to wow your superiors early on. That may push you to volunteer for a project you dont know you can complete in a time frame youre not s ure you can meet. Or you may feel like you simply cant say no when asked. Better to impress your new boss and colleagues by taking on a sensible workload, doing high-quality work and sticking to deadlines. Youll earn a reputation as a reliable employee, not someone who makes big promises and fails to deliver.2. Dont hide in the corner.While you dont want to overextend yourself, take care not to come across as a shirker either. There will be times when youre not sure of something, you need clarification or advice, or youre struggling with tasks. Dont be afraid to ask for help. Succeeding as a legal support professional means becoming indispensable to your team and your superiors. Think of it this way The team as a whole wants the group to succeed, and youre only improving those chances by requesting support. But be thoughtful and attentive Make notes of the answers in order to avoid repeating your questions, and try to read up on topics in advance so your questions arent simplistic.3 . Dont go it alone.In some legal assistant jobs and legal secretary jobs, you will be assigned a mentor. Make full use of this assignment. And if your company doesnt have a formal program, seek out a mentor on your own.4. Dont restrict your time to interacting with superiors.Succeeding in a career takes more than forging relationships with superiors. Youre part of a team and you have peers - maybe even subordinates - and colleagues in other departments. Start building a professional network, and dont limit yourself to those whose decisions have an immediate impact on your career. Make it a point to interact with everyone, be approachable, and be a person others like to work with.5. Dont fear whats new.If youre returning after time awayfrom the industry, things will have changed. Your knowledge gleaned over years in the profession may provide fresh insights for your team, so feel free to offer your thoughts, but also accept that things evolve. Technology has changed how, when and s ometimes why we communicate. Regulations change, and companies must ensure they comply. Accept new ways of doing things instead of earning a reputation as old-fashioned and stuck in the past.The key to a successful start in legal assistant jobs and legal secretary jobs is asking as many questions as you need to when you are unsure of something, then working hard to become irreplaceable. Demonstrate your ability to help and an interest in learning, and youll be well on your way to a rewarding career in legal support.Does starting a new job seem like a good problem to have? Take a look at Robert Halfs job search database, and take a step toward a new legal support job of your own.

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What a Military Recruiter Wont Tell You About the Commissary

What a Military Recruiter Wont Tell You About the CommissaryWhat a Military Recruiter Wont Tell You About the CommissaryShopping at the base commissary and the base exchange is among the benefits available to military families and retirees, but civilians tend to have an exaggerated idea about just how big a benefit those institutions offer. To put it bluntly, no, you cant buy a suit at the commissary for $20, and you wont find T-bone steak for 49 cents per pound. While the commissary and base exchange each offer good prices, they do bedrngnis offer the gigantic savings that many civilians think they do. How Commissaries Run Formally called Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) Commissaries, these stores have Congressional approval to use taxpayer dollars for their construction and operation. There are nearly 240 such stores around the world. Commissaries are required to sell their products for the price they paid for them, plus a five percent surcharge that helps pay operating costs. That surcharge covers most of the commissary workers, like cashiers and stockers. An exception is the baggers, who work for tips. Its customary to tip baggers $1 to $5, depending upon the total amount of the purchase. How Much You Save DeCA claims to provide overall savings to the customer of more than 30 percent. That means a family of four shopping regularly can save about $3,000 per year, and a single person can save about $1,000 per year. However, actual savings vary from one area to aelendher, depending upon whether or not the local civilian food stores charge a abverkauf tax, and what grocery stores are available. In a direct comparison test, a grocery order purchased for $103.57 at a Walmart Super Store would have cost $89.79, including the 5 percent surcharge, at Patrick Air Force Base in Brevard County, Florida. Thats a decent savings, but the 30 percent discount claimed by DeCA would have put the bill at a little over $70. The Cigarette Exception While DeCA is requ ired by law to resell items at cost plus 5 percent, it is allowed to cheat a little. A few years ago, DeCA unilaterally decided to increase the price of cigarettes sold in the commissaries. To get around the law, DeCA started buying its tobacco products from military exchanges, which sell tobacco items at prices comparable to the local civilian economy prices. Nonsmokers may applaud this move to improve the general health of the military and military retiree population. Others may see it as an ominous precedent. Will sugary snacks be next on the hit list? Military Exchanges Unlike commissaries, military exchanges are permitted to earn a profit. A portion of those profits goes toward local and service-wide causes, called Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) projects. The exchanges are operated by three separate agencies The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM),and the Marine Corps Exchange. As with the commissaries, no sales tax is charged at the exchanges, and this can add up to significant savingsover time or when you are buying expensive items. The only government dollars spent on the three exchange service stores are for utilities, transportation of merchandise to overseas exchanges, and military salaries. The exchange services fund 98 percent of their operating budgets from the sale of merchandise, food, and services to customers. AAFES Price Matching It is not difficult to find a similar or even an exact item in civilian stores that is priced lower than the one stocked in a military exchange.For those occasions, the exchanges have a price-matching policy. Some military families complain about the selection available in the military exchanges. Certainly, high-priced designer goods are rarely in stock. Most younger enlisted families couldnt afford them even at a discount. That said, many bargain-wise shoppers are thrilled at the selection and prices. Other Base Discounts AAFES is also responsib le for the operation of on-base service stations, liquor stores, theaters, and even food franchises such as Burger King. Dont expect super-savings from those places. To establish gas and liquor prices, the exchange services periodically survey prices in the localarea and try to keep their own prices slightly below the off-base average. Its not difficult to find off-base service stations that are selling gas cheaper, and cheaper liquor is even easier to find. AAFES Employment The exchanges are a big source of employment for family members of military members. About 25 percent of the 52,400 AAFES associates are military family members. Many have worked for years at different stores as theyve transferred with their families from one installation to the next. Three percent of associates are active military members who work part-time during theiroff-dutyhours. The exchanges and commissaries provide importantbenefits and millions of dollars each year toward the services MWR programs. The monetary savings are good, just not as good as you may have thought.

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Secrets to success How four women Worked It and you can, too

Secrets to success How four women Worked It and you can, tooSecrets to success How four women Worked It - and you can, tooOver the course of my career, including being CEO of Likeable Media, host of the All the Social Ladies podcast, and now an author, I have learned that therbeibeie is no one secret, core philosophy or tool guaranteed to help us women achieve our goals and dreams, especially in a world that celebrates those who are loud, extroverted, and male. You dont have to lean in, identify as a badass or embrace your inner girlboss if its not the right path for you. We each have strengths and weaknesses - different obstacles to overcome. Our stories and solutions can be very different. In my career, I have spoken with countless powerful women across industries, each with an important lesson to teach about success, failure, and entrepreneurship.Here are four of those lessons1. When someone gives you a much-needed push, jumpMany can relate to the feeling of self-doubt after ma king major decisions. Caroline Ghosn experienced just this after joining McKinsey Company. While she had always displayed many entrepreneurial qualities - making and selling her own pottery, for example - she welches unsure of what to do when she discovered she welchesnt, actually, cut out for the corporate world. The idea of leaving an established operation to build her own was a lot. It turns out, she needed a little push from her fellow McKinsey employee and eventual cofounder, Amanda Pouchot, to take action. After talking together and hashing out the pros and cons of leaving, Caroline had the confidence she needed to make a move. She was the one who encouraged me to really preneur myself. And once I did, I never looked back. The result? Caroline became the cofounder and CEO of Levo, a professional network dedicated to helping over ten million millennials around the world navigate the workplace.2. Trust your gut - and listen to your trusted advisorsTherapist Bea Arthur founde d Pretty Padded Room, a website offering convenient, low-cost therapy online for women, when she discovered a lack in the therapy process. She kept thinking, It should be easier to do this. People should be able to talk when they need it, where they need it. And she was right - Pretty Padded Room became a success. She consistently earned fantastic media coverage, and investors started to pool money into her operation. But after making a major decision to rebrand the company to In Your Corner (believing men, reluctant to seek treatment when struggling, needed services even more), competitors started to emerge during her months of stealth planning mode. And they were raising tens of millions. Her gut told her something wasnt right, but press hits and new advisors kept coming, so she pushed on.But Beas business never fully recovered from the lengthy process of rebranding. When she texted her advisor, famed investor and entrepreneur Gina Bianchini, she was advised to close up shop. Bea took that advice on April 22, 2016. And then, she saw the opportunities around her. Heres the thing they dont tell you when the world is ending. The world is actually much bigger and brighter than you think, she recalls of that time. Bea started speaking publicly about her failure, took on consulting gigs, and rebuilt herself, eventually founding a new think tank around mental health called The Difference, based on the concept that the right talk at the right time can make all the difference.3. Allow yourself time to wallow after failure. When that time is up, workitReshma Saujani was devastated when she lost her first run for Congress. She was pegged to win and had no intention of losing. She knew she first had to hit pause, grieve, and process her failure during a finite amount of time. Three months later, she began to take meetings again, trying to figure out what she wanted to do next. She realized she wanted to work for the future and do some good. So, she founded Girls Who Co de, a national nonprofit that focuses on todays girls who would be tomorrows leaders. Dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology, the organization has since taught over forty thousand girls coding skills.4. If youre concerned about risk, consider the side hustleBetty Liu had always felt the pull of entrepreneurship, but because she was also risk averse, she suppressed that desire, ultimately becoming a successful anchor for Bloomberg Television. Later, still not able to shake the feeling that she wanted more, Betty realized that the risk of entrepreneurship was actually limited. There is a finite downside your idea fails and you go bankrupt. Okay. Fine. But theres infinite upside, she says. Betty and a cofounder set out to build Radiate, a media technology platform that features business advice from top leaders. Starting Radiate on the side, she kept her full-time position, which gave her a unique advantage. Working at Bloomberg, Betty has had the opportunity to interview- an d learn from- many entrepreneurs. Shes heard all the fairy tales and all of the stories of failure, and the biggest thing shes learned The only thing that matters is doing whats right for you and your company.Carrie Kerpen is CEO of Likeable Media and author of WORK IT Secrets for Success from the Boldest Women in Business.

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The Idiots Manual to Customer Service Objective for Resume Explained

The Idiots Manual to Customer tafelgeschirr Objective for Resume Explained Customer Service Objective for Resume - the Story Be proactive, and make it rather clear what youll be following up on and when you are going to be contacting the customer. Committed to remain constantly mindful of customer should make sure a secure and secure shopping atmosphere. An energetic and quick learner whos committed to excellent customer support. Do not await the client to confront you about being late. Enhancing your customer tafelgeschirr skills are able to help you move from providing fantastic customer service to great customer services. Reviewing customer feedback may provide you a different sense of your present customer service abilities than that which youll receive internally from management or colleagues. The Upside to Customer Service Objective for Resume You ought to be attentive with all the things your client is saying. You might be somebody, or know somebody, who wont purchas e from a specific brand or organisation because of a poor experience they had a very long time ago. The ones youre able to see in the original job posting. In reality, admitting that you arent sure of the solution, but reassure the customer youll locate a person who can, is an excellent way to demonstrate transparency and build trust. Customers will come across an issue that isnt covered in the organization training guide, or else they wont respond how you expect them to. Thus, its critical to be sure you are able to get quick accessibility to more senior customer care resources. You are going to be amazed at how a lot more approachable you become. When it has to do with sales, call center representatives do cold calling and accept calls from folks who wish to obtain the item or assistance. Customer service takes in many of unique jobs. Employees Excellent customer service begins with the geschftlicher umgang operator, but involves each one of the employees in an organizatio n. The Hidden Facts on Customer Service Objective for Resume To begin with, you might not ever have been required to compose a resume. All that hard work can be undone in a couple of minutes with negative customer services. Some customer service resume samples are offered on the internet, and they could have the ability to supply additional beneficial tips regarding inclusions, but they might not always have the most optimum structure. When a business is seeking to hire, they want somebody who will seek out problems until they become urgent and your job on an interview is to express that youve got exceptional problem-solving skills. As youll conduct a great deal of your work alone, you should also be in possession of a service-oriented attitude and strong interpersonal skills which will help you provide a welcoming guest experience. By developing a suitable attitude and comprehension of men and women you will see strategies to further improve your customer service abilities. When a customer arrives to you to resolve an issue, you have to have the issue solving skills essential to effectively manage the issue accessible, regardless of what it is. The Advantages of Customer Service Objective for Resume Organizational skills An important part of great customer service is excellent organization abilities. There are several different techniques to come up with customer service abilities. If youve got stellar interpersonal abilities, your approachable demeanor and capacity to cultivate friendships is a valuable asset that will allow you to build stronger customer relationships that benefit your organization. Everyone can benefit from improving their customer service abilities. Type of Customer Service Objective for Resume Take note of the various strategies and tactics implemented in the customer service delivery so you may attribute the results with the correct actions. Knowing about the employer beforehand can help you prepare the correct questions to ask during the interview. To compose the objection section of a customer service resume, you want to discover the significant tasks to be done at work. Customers shouldnt be interrupted when theyre speaking and the employee should wait until theyve finished before responding. You never need the client to leave feeling unsatisfied. If you discover you cannot honor a deadline for some reason, get in touch with your customer before the deadline and say so. The previous one ought to be applied in the situations once you simply are not able to aid a customer, while its since you dont understand how or youre not authorized to do it. You cannot permit a customers negativity to influence the manner in which you treat them. In case the customer is experiencing an issue with a specific product then an excellent working understanding of the item can resolve the issue quickly. Know your customers A wonderful interaction begins with being aware of what the customer wants and requirement s. Rumors, Deception and Customer Service Objective for Resume Customer service is utilized in many jobs at each level. Networking is completely critical during.